"Röckët Stahr's Death of a Rockstar" is the world's first animated rock opera feature film.

Singer/songwriter Röckët Stähr spent 8 years animating the film entirely on his own, having never previously animated anything before in his life. The entire project took 13 years in all to complete.

Beyond writing, animating, producing, and directing the film, Röckët also performed all piano, guitar, and bass parts, orchestrated it, produced the music, mixed it, and sang all vocals with the exception of 2 1/2 of the songs. 

Other Credits include:
Voice of Ronnie Waye - Abby Ahmad
Drums - Glenn Healy
Violin - Earl Maneein
Violin - Matthew Szemela
Viola - Jon Weber
Cello - Jessie Reagan Mann
Trumpet - Eric Biondo
Trombone - Elizabeth Frascoia
Sax and Clarinet - Tony Barba
French Horn - Rob Jost
Oboe - Katie Scheele
Flute - Sam Sadigursky